Women enjoying Newport, Oregon, shoppingIn Newport, Oregon, shopping isn’t a back-to-school chore. The town is full of independently owned stores with unique, high-quality goods. From fun items like clothing, knickknacks, and home decor, to neat necessities like hand made soaps and books, you’re sure to find something lovely to take home from the shops in Newport, Oregon. The Embarcadero Resort is just a few minutes down the road from the Newport Historic Bayfront treasure trove, so when you stay on the bay, you have easy access to all of the most interesting boutiques in town. Here are eight of the can’t-miss shops in Newport, Oregon.

8 Shops in Newport, Oregon

  1. Oregon Coast Glassworks is a classic Oregon shop. Glass floats are a huge part of the coastal culture, and you can find a gorgeous selection—as well as custom items—from local artists at this store.
  2. Pirates Plunder is an adorable, nautical-themed antique and collectibles mall. Pets are welcome, and children get a free surprise treasure to spark their interest in thrift stores in Newport, Oregon.
  3. Breach the Moon Gallery is one of the best art shops in Newport, Oregon. You’ll find everything from hand-made jewelry to huge canvas paintings at this Newport Bayfront locale.
  4. Newport, Oregon, shopping is a treat for the senses. Smell something sweet at Newport Bay Candle Co., and taste something sweeter at the next stop on this list.Taffy at candy shops in Newport, Oregon
  5. 2 Kids Candy Store boasts 1,200 types of candy. You’ll be full of taffy, chocolate, popcorn, and more goodies after a visit to this Newport Bayfront store. Feast on your specialty snacks while watching an after-dinner movie with the free wireless internet in your hotel room.
  6. The Newport Farmer’s Market is outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter, so you can find fresh produce and homemade treats year-round.
  7. If you want to pick up some high-end gifts, Made in Oregon is the place to go. You can purchase Pendleton blankets from Portland, wine from the Columbia River Gorge, and tons of funny Sasquatch trinkets.
  8. Souvenirs are usually reserved for people, but pets appreciate gifts, too! Bow Wow Meow in the Newport Historic Bayfront has a wide selection of blinged-out collars, fluffy beds, and gourmet treats for your four-legged friend. You can even bring them along for the trip with our pet-friendly rooms.

Stay Near the Newport, Oregon, Shopping District

Half of the shops on this Newport, Oregon, shopping list are just down the road from Embarcadero Resort, on Southeast Bay Boulevard. There are tons of other local attractions in the Newport Historic Bayfront, so be sure to spend a day exploring everything it has to offer. Contact us for more information.