A woman looking at sharks in the Newport aquarium.For anyone planning a getaway to The Embarcadero Resort, it won’t take long to realize there are countless things to do and see. Try something new by learning glass blowing, or spend as much time outdoors as possible. There are also numerous attractions to explore. One of the most popular ones is the aquarium in Newport. Whether visiting for the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival or on a family trip, spend time visiting the aquatic animals that call this place home.

What to Know about the Oregon Coast Aquarium

Drive less than 10 minutes and cross the bridge into South Beach to visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium. The Newport attraction is open every day of the year, minus Christmas, but hours do vary depending on the time of year. You can buy your tickets online or when you arrive.

What You Can See

There are several indoor and outdoor exhibits to explore, each filled with creatures of the land and see.

  • Discover the underwater world that exists off Oregon’s coast by visiting Passages of the Deep. Walkways lead you through three ecosystems home to sharks and colorful fish.
  • Say hi to moon jelly, sea nettles, rockfish, and countless other animals in the Coastal Waters gallery. This space features 16 total exhibits.
  • Head outdoors to see otters frolic in their pools. Time your visit right, and you can see a public feeding.
  • Pinnipeds, better known as sea lions and harbor seals, are the two largest marine mammals at the aquarium. Several viewing stations throughout the exhibit give visitors the best chance to see the animals dive, twirl, and twist.
  • Found within a dark cave is the Pacific octopus exhibit. You’ll need to be patient and look carefully for the creature, which is known for hiding in dark nooks and crannies.
  • The open-air, walk-through aviary is the largest one of its kind in North America. It is home to numerous birds, including puffins, auklets, and murres.

Reserve Your Waterfront Newport Escape

The living space of a room in Newport resort near the aquarium.Visiting the aquarium in Newport is the perfect addition to any stay at The Embarcadero Resort. Our bayfront resort is the ideal home base for any Newport vacation, especially if you’re visiting the annual seafood festival.

No matter when you’re planning on visiting, it’s always a good idea to reserve your stay as early as possible. Start planning by browsing our range of accommodations. Our hotel features several room styles, so one might fit your group better than the others. Before reserving your stay, don’t forget to check out our special offers for ways to save. To learn more about our Oregon coast resort or its amenities, call 541-265-8521.