There’s nothing like spending your day on a boat, beverage of choice in hand, and a line in the water, feeling the salty ocean breeze on your face and the excitement of reeling in that prize catch. Spend a day out at sea with the finest angler experts on the Oregon Coast during your getaway to the Embarcadero Resort. While there are plenty of Newport fishing charters to choose from, we’ve selected the three best-rated companies near our resort for your ideal Oregon Coast fishing excursion. 

What to Expect from Newport Fishing Charters

Newport fishing charters are excellent anglers of all ages and skill levels. Some people embark on this nautical adventure to sharpen their skillset or because they want a challenge. Others might want to pass their love of fishing onto their children or crave a relaxing day out at sea. Oregon Coast fishing charters are the perfect option for anyone who wants a stress-free angler experience. For your convenience, you can purchase a fishing license at our Newport resort. Most charters provide all the equipment you need and may even pack a few snacks or water. 

1. Yaquina Bay Charters

Regardless of which fish you’re hoping to reel in, you’re sure to find it with Yaquina Bay Charters—conveniently located in our building and leaves from our marina! Call ahead to reserve your private charter and let their crew know if there’s anything in particular that you’d like to do. Yaquina Bay Charters never overcrowd their boats, which is perfect for social distancing and getting the utmost personal service. 

2. Newport, Oregon, Fishing Charters

One of the highest-rated charter services near our Newport, Oregon, resort, is Newport, Oregon, Fishing Charters. They offer various charter selections based on the fish you wish to catch: salmon, halibut, sea bass, lingcod, cabezon, Dungeness crab, and bottom fishing. Keep an eye out for local marine life and the beautiful lighthouses on your nautical Newport adventure.

3. Newport Tradewinds Deep Sea Fishing

Embark on an outing with the oldest established Newport fishing charter, Newport Tradewinds Deep Sea Fishing. Their year-round services mean there’s always something in season. They also offer private charter excursions and whale watching tours for those seeking a little something special. 

Your Ideal Coastal Getaway Starts at the Embarcadero Resort

Whether you’re planning a couple’s retreat or a family vacation, the Embarcadero Resort can accommodate your needs. Our comfortable studios and bedrooms provide the perfect environment to rest and enjoy a well-deserved, socially-distanced getaway. Regardless of where your interests lie, you’re sure to find a litany of Newport attractions and adventures that strike your fancy. Don’t forget to take a peek at our promotions so that you can get some excellent deals and discounts. For more information on Newport fishing charters, or to make a reservation, please give us a call at 541-265-8521.