An image of someone crabbing in Newport, Oregon.Your getaway at the Embarcadero Resort isn’t complete without dining on the amazing, fresh seafood that only comes from Oregon. Enjoy the fresh catch of the day at a local restaurant, or have the satisfaction of cooking a meal with your crabbing haul. Book your crabbing tour with a local Newport, Oregon guide, or try your luck with equipment rented from our marina.

The Top Newport Crabbing Guides

While you can rent crab pots and boats from the Embarcadero Marina, why leave your chances for a successful crabbing adventure up to chance? By booking a crabbing tour with one of the experienced local guides, you’ll be taken to the best spots to drop a pot.

Newport Tradewinds

Enjoy a bay crabbing excursion year-round with Newport Tradewinds. Try your hand at catching Dungeness and red rock crab during your three-hour adventure. Dine on the feats of your labor by cooking the crab on the dock when you return. An Oregon shellfish license is required and can be purchased at Tradewinds. 

Newport Oregon Fishing Charters

Newport is home to some of the best Dungeness crab fishing the state has to offer. When you go out on the waters with a guide from Newport Oregon Fishing Charters, you’ll experience it for yourself. While crabs can be caught year-round, your chances of success increase when the weather is cooler. You’ll be able to keep up to 12 male crabs that fit the size requirements.

Yaquina Bay Charters

If you feel like seeing how crabbing works but aren’t worried about catching any crabs, Yaquina Bay Charters is perfect for you. You’ll be able to go out with the crew as they set pots while also enjoying whale watching. Be sure to bring your camera so you can capture any whales you see. 

A photo of a room in Newport Oregon close to crabbing charters. Book Your Oregon Coast Getaway

When you’re ready for a relaxing escape, book your stay at our Yaquina Bay resort. Enjoy bayfront views from the balcony of your room. Offering a range of amenities, including a sauna and spa, our hotel is the perfect place to unwind after a day of crabbing. We even have our own private crab dock with cooker pots. To learn more about our resort, please call us at 541-265-8521.