A man on the water in Newport, Oregon, utilizing boat rentals.There’s something relaxing and tranquil about leaving dry land behind and spending time out on the open waters. When you book your stay at The Embarcadero Resort, Yaquina Bay and its adventures are right at your fingertips. Go on a whale watching adventure or see who can reel in the day’s biggest catch on a fishing charter. While there are fantastic local charters and guides to choose from, sometimes you want to be captain. If you feel like going on a self-guided adventure, browse the boat rentals in Newport, Oregon, for your perfect vessel.

Where to Find Your Ideal Boat Rental

Our Newport resort, which is also part marina, offers everything you need for crabbing, including crabbing boats. Your rental can be from one hour to six hours. When exploring on our crab boats, you are not allowed to enter the ocean or go beyond the Bay Bridge.

If our boats are all checked out, or you’re looking for something different, visit a nearby Oregon boat rental service.

While these rentals are called crab boat rentals, you can also simply cruise around Yaquina Bay, taking in the sights. If you are planning on crabbing, you will need to purchase a shellfish fishing license from the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. 

Suppose you’re interested in learning how to sail or kayak. In that case, the Oregon Boating Foundation offers introductory kayaking and sailing classes throughout the summer, so check to see if any are available during your visit. For a non-motorized rental, visit Ossie’s Surf Shop, which offers single and double kayak rentals. 

Book Your Coastal Escape to Newport

After around on boat rentals, relax in a Newport, Oregon, hotel room.Whether you’re exploring on boat rentals or going on a wildlife tour, there’s no shortage of ways to spend time on the water when you visit Newport, Oregon. Situated right on the coastline, The Embarcadero Resort is a perfect home base for your next getaway. For more than three decades, our Newport resort has been a favorite spot for travelers, and for good reason.

Our accommodations come in a variety of sizes and styles, including suites with fully-equipped kitchens. This range of lodging options means you can find one that fits your budget and group best. Not only do we offer cozy rooms, but we also offer amenities that’ll enhance any stay. Go for a dip in the pool or relax in the sauna. Be sure to stop by Jack Sprats Bayfront, located inside the resort. For more information about our resort or how to save on your stay, call 541-265-8521.