A couple shopping for clothes in one of the thrift stores in Newport, Oregon, before date night.If you are planning a romantic getaway to The Embarcadero Resort, it won’t take you long to realize there are endless adventures to embark on. Whether staying at our coastal resort for your honeymoon or a trip for two just because you can, there are countless ways to enjoy quality time with the one you love most. For a fun and unique twist to date night, start the night off with shopping at one of the thrift stores in Newport, Oregon.

What Is the Goodwill Date Night Challenge?

Despite its name, the Goodwill Date Night Challenge doesn’t have to take place at Goodwill. This “challenge” requires two things: a budget and a thrift store. You and your partner will both agree on a price limit, then head to a nearby shop to pick out outfits for each other. Once you’ve completed this task, it’s off to dinner or drinks in your new outfit. You can try to pick something they would typically wear or opt for a ball gown or something that looks straight out of the 80s. 

Where to Go Shopping

There are several thrift stores near our Newport resort to shop at, including these two local options.

  • Pick of the Litter opened its doors in 2009 and is the flagship of the Friends of Lincoln County Animals fundraising operations. Money raised from the stores goes toward paying for medical care of animals at the shelter and local pet parents who need assistance.
  • Rags to Riches is an upscale resale and consignment shop on Hurbert Street. This shop, considered one of the top consignment stores in the county, caters to women and is known for being a treasure trove of items. 

Where to Go on Date Night

Once you have your outfits all sorted out, it’s onto the next part of date night, and you have plenty of options! Head to the Barge Inn Tavern, Rogue Spirits Sunset Bar, or one of the other restaurants known for delicious drinks. Catch the latest blockbuster at Newport Cinema, or make the short drive to nearby Toledo to go bowling at Muggly’s

Enjoy Unforgettable Adventures on a Newport Trip for Two

The room of a Newport, Oregon, hotel near thrift stores that's perfect for couples.For any couple staying at The Embarcadero Resort, there is no shortage of fun and memorable date night ideas to check out. Add a twist to whatever you choose by shopping at thrift stores in Newport, Oregon, before heading out for dinner, drinks, or whatever adventure awaits you.

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