King Tides coming in on the Oregon Coast.Newport is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, and one of the top spots to take in the sights is out on the water. However, before setting off from your accommodations at The Embarcadero Resort, you want to make sure you know what phase the tides are in. Chances are everyone has heard of high and low tides, but there is another tide you need to be aware of during your Oregon Coast getaway: king tides.

What to Know about King Tides

A popular winter pastime on the Oregon Coast is storm watching. However, there is another natural phenomenon that can occur in the winter that showcases how powerful the water off the shoreline can be. King tides, a non-scientific term, are tides predicted to be exceptionally higher than the highest normal tide. 

These events take place three times a year, during the new and full moon in the winter. Dates are predicted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This organization predicts when king tides will occur based on the sun, Earth, and moon’s alignment and orbits.

There are three upcoming sets of dates when king tides are predicted to hit the Newport coast.

  • Nov. 24-26
  • Dec. 22-24
  • Jan. 20-22, 2023

Be Part of Documenting These Tides

The power of these tides can not only lead to flooding and large waves but also erosion. To help document the power and impact of king tides, the Oregon King Tides Project enlists the help of photographers. This organization seeks to document the effect of these tides to help understand the impact of sea level rise. 

If you are visiting our Newport resort during the above date and would like to participate, you are invited to do so, but remember your safety is the top priority. Take before and after photos and submit them to the tides project. Try to capture images where the tides’ impact can be judged against familiar landmarks. More information about the best time to take photos or how to submit them can be found on the tides project website under the “Participate” tab. When taking pictures, stay off the beach and follow other storm-watching safety precautions.

Witness Mother Nature’s Beauty on an Oregon Escape

A room at an Oregon Coast hotel to relax in after viewing king tides.From taking in the sights from a scenic viewpoint to experiencing the power of king tides, the Oregon Coast is filled with natural wonders. See them for yourself by booking a stay at The Embarcadero Resort. Found at the end of Newport’s Historic Bayfront, our resort is the ideal destination for your coastal getaway.

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