Two kids playing along the shores during one of the low tides in Newport, Oregon.Situated along a historic bayfront, there’s no better place for a coastal escape than The Embarcadero Resort. With ocean views and incredible service, you’ll feel instantly relaxed the moment you arrive at our resort. Of course, no visit to the Central Oregon coast is complete without spending some time in or near the water. Whether you’re hoping to relax on the beach or explore on rental boats, the changing tides can impact your Newport, Oregon, adventure.

How to Read the Changing Tides

When one is referring to tide, they are talking about the changing of sea levels as an effect of gravitational pull from celestial objects like the moon. There are two main types of tides: high and low. High tide is when water reaches its maximum level. When the water level has receded as far out from the shore as possible, this is known as low tide. 

Generally, there are two high tides and two low tides in a lunar day, which is roughly 25 hours. There are also different names for the tide levels that occur before and after low tide. While you can guess the tide based on water level, the best way to know what tide is taking place at a given point is by looking at a tide table

Explore Tide Pools in Newport

Tides can impact when you want to enjoy certain activities, like fishing, swimming, and surfing. One of the most interesting excursions that relies on low tide is exploring the tide pools found near Newport, Oregon.

Tide pools are found along the shoreline of rocky coasts, where water gets trapped in depressions as it recedes. These pockets, which range in depth, are often filled with sea creatures like anemones, urchins, sea stars, and more. There are several tide pools to explore near our Newport hotel, including:

When exploring tide pools, walk on bare, dry rocks to avoid stepping on plants and animals. Do not pick up or move the animals you find in your exploration.

Treat Yourself to a Pacific Northwest Escape

A Newport, Oregon, hotel room to check the tides from.Before setting off for any coastal adventure from your accommodations at The Embarcadero Resort, be sure to check the current tides in Newport, Oregon. This can impact whether you’re enjoying an outing on the open seas or hiking a picturesque trail.

Wherever your excursions take you, rest easy knowing you have a comfortable place to call home. Our Oregon coast hotel features both suites and guest rooms, so you can choose the best accommodation that fits your needs and budget. Make the most of your stay with our fantastic on-site amenities, including a sauna, pool, and concierge services. Call 541-265-8521 to learn more about our resort or special offers.